The Acting Conservatory,  is a multi-year program for beginners, and students who have a serious desire to pursue an in depth training experience in acting. The goal of the program is to provide students with the professional acting training, resume experience, and audition preparation needed in order to pursue a life in the theatre–whether that be as an actor, director, writer, teacher. The Acting Conservatory was created in 1998.


In an effort to ensure our courses are taught at the appropriate level, we are instituting the following prerequisites:

  • Bloomers - No Prerequisites
  • Act I: Beginning Theatre - No Prerequisites
  • Act II: Intermediate Theatre -  Completed coursework in Act I (2 semesters) or Equivalent acting experience
  • Act III: Advanced Theatre -  Completed coursework in Act II (2 semesters) or Equivalent acting experience
  • Musical Theatre Production - Audition Only


TCTC does offer financial aid in the form of scholarships as funds are available.  To apply for a scholarship, please send a letter describing the nature of the need and the amount of assistance you are seeking to education@tylercivictheatre.com.


Auditions for the Musical Theatre Production Class will be held Wednesday, August 16 from 5-7PM in the Rogers Theatre.

Those wishing to audition will need to register for the class and pay the $30 registration fee in order to attend.  (The $30 registration fee will be applied toward the balance of the Musical Theatre Production class should your child be cast.  Those not cast may have the fee refunded to them or applied to the balance of another class.)

Auditioners are asked to prepare 16 bars (roughly 30-45 seconds) of a song from a musical of their choice (with accompaniment provided by the auditioners via phone or tablet.)  Otherwise, auditions will be conducted by cold-reading (and a short dance combination will be taught, so they will need to be sure to wear clothing they can move in and shoes that firmly affix to the feet - no flip flops.)

Click HERE to print out the required student forms.   Completed paperwork may be returned to the theatre via email (info@tylercivictheatre.com) or in person (400 Rose Park Drive, Tyler, TX 75702) Monday-Friday 10-1 and 2-5. If you have any questions please feel free to email education@tylercivictheatre.com