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The People Have Chosen. Selected by the audience of the New Play Festival, "A Mind of My Own"

July 14, 2019, 9 p.m.

"In a whirlwind of adventure that takes place not only on stage, but in the mind, A Mind of My Own features a group of teenagers all working to help Ross Sullivan go on a successful date with his crush, Shira Goodwin. However, this show is not all unicorns and lollipops, because before he can listen to his friends’ suggestions, he needs to listen to the voices in his head."

A Mind of My Own by Lila Katz is a sixteen-year-old junior at Robert E Lee High School, was selected by audience vote at Saturday's New Play Festival performances of the 5 finalists in this year's project.

Lila's play will be produced by Tyler Civic Theatre on August 29th-Sept 1.  Tickets at https://buy.ticketstothecity.com/purchase.php?event_id=6803

Auditions will be June 18 & 19 at 7pm at Tyler Civic Theatre.

New Play Festival Readers' Theater to perform selected plays for the 2019 "People's Choice Award" Saturday, July 13th 1-5pm

July 7, 2019, 7:02 p.m.

                          Its this Saturday!

The Tyler Civic Theatre's Readers' Theater to perform selected plays for the 2019 "People's Choice Award"

Of the plays chosen to be read at the TCTC New Play Festival, one will be chosen that day to have a full production on August 29-September 1, 2019 in the Rogers Theatre. Directing, casting, rehearsal and production details are TBD.

Here’s how it will work:

After the play readings on July 13, 2019 the audience members that have enjoyed ALL the play readings will have the opportunity to vote on which play they would most like to see produced.

Voting will be done by secret paper ballot.

Votes will be tabulated immediately after all ballots are submitted by New Play Festival Coordinator.

Only those audience members that have seen ALL plays in the reading will be eligible will be able to vote. An honor system will be used to qualify the voters. We ask that audience members do not fill out ballots for other people as we will discard duplicates.

Be a part of this fun process.

Tickets are $5 and avaliable by clicking HERE    .... and at the door.

The plays to be read are:

- Michael Ward from Tyler, TX – “Voices of Bondage”

- Judy Klass from Nashville, TN – “Kimberly in Overdrive”

- Trisha Wise from Tyler, TX – “Man in the Mirror”

- Ray Deal from Chandler, TX – “Life in 3G”

- Lila Katz from Tyler, TX – “A Mind of My Own”




June 27, 2019, 1:58 p.m.

                                                      Click HERE for Tickets