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Lord of the Flies

April 8, 2014 - April 13, 2014
2013-2014 Season

A plane crashes on a deserted island.

The only survivors are a group of school boys.

They live in a land of bright exotic birds and dark blue seas, but at night their dreams are inhabited by a terrifying beast!

Before long this well behaved group has turned into a bloodthirsty and murderous tribe!

This adaptatin of William Golding's compelling story is about a group of very ordinary small boys marooned on a coral island has become a modern classic. At first it seems as though it is all going to be great fun; but the fun before long becomes furious and life on the island turns into a nightmare of panic and death. As ordinary standards of behaviour collapse, the whole world the boys know collapses with them—the world of cricket and homework and adventure stories—and another world is revealed beneath, primitive and terrible.

Lord of the Flies remains as provocative today as when it was first published in 1954, igniting passionate debate with its startling, brutal portrait of human nature.

DIRECTED BY:  Justin Wayne Purser