The Lucky O'Learys Audition

Mon, Jan 29 at 7:00 PM
Tue, Jan 30 at 7:00 PM


4m, 3f


4 men - 1 mid 20's, others mid 40's to mid 60's

3 women  -  1 mid 20's, others mid 40's to mid 60's

This delightful new comedy by the author of Cooking with Gus we know will appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. A woman needs some ready cash right away because her apartment is about to be condo ed the hot new verb of the 80's. As she believes she is going to win the big lottery, she withdraws her life savings to buy tickets. Meanwhile her husband, who left her three years before, arrives back home on her birthday, the day of the lottery drawing. The woman's sister has also bought a lot of tickets. The husband has bought one for her and one for him. The women think the husband has won with his tickets; but, it turns out, the reason he is flush is that he is now financially successful. Actually, one of the women just may actually have the winning ticket!

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