Auditions - The Touch

Mon, Jul 16 at 7:00 PM
Tue, Jul 17 at 7:00 PM
5 men (one of them a teen)
4 women (one of them a girl)


Big Granny:                Matriarch of the Walters family - late 70s

Juney Marner:            Big Granny’s 10 year old great granddaughter

Faye Marner:              Juney’s mother - early 30s, somewhat plain

Betsy Walters:            Faye’s older sister - mid 30s, dresses in fashion of the time

Monroe Walters:        Father to Betsy and Faye - late 50s, a farmer his entire life.

“Sonny” Armstrong:  Lifetime friend/neighbor of both families - in his 50s

Doc Fleming:              Country doctor - in his 60s

Eugene Mosely:          Hardware store owner - in his 50s

Matt Jamieson:           Employee of Eugene - in his late teens

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