About FLEX Tickets

FLEX tickets    Shows at a discount at the Tyler Civic Theatre.    

A single FLEX ticket entitles the patron to see 10 shows during the current season at a discount.  FLEX Reserve lets you BYOB and sit in a special reserved section for you.

The patron can see 10 different shows themselves, or they can invite 9 friends to join them and all 10 of them see one show.

.... Or any mix and match the patron desires.

Patrons can 'gift' some or all of their FLEX tickets to others.  Holidays and birthdays are nice ways to share the fun of seeing productions at the Tyler Civic Theatre.

FLEX tickets can be used at most of the regular productions at Tyler Civic Theatre, but can not be used for the Summer Musicals and other special events.

Usually, 'left over' FLEX tickets can be used for some summer student productions.

Click HERE to order current season FLEX tickets or drop by or call the box office (903) 592-0561.

Click HERE to Redeem Current Year FLEX tickets.


About FLEX & Membership

Questions & Answers

Q- What is a FLEX vs FLEX Reserve Pass?
A- A FLEX Pass indicates membership & 10 or more credits for a play season. ”Reserve” adds the option of sitting in an area permitting wine consumption..

Q- What is the cost of TCTC membership?
A- A “rechargeable” FLEX is $125 ($175 for FLEX Reserve) & includes membership benefits such as voting privileges during the annual meeting in July.

Q- May I share FLEX credits with friends?
A- Sure - bring friends or share credits.

Q- May unused credit be used next year?
A- Our production year is July through June. FLEX coincides without “rollover.”

Q- Does FLEX apply to summer musicals?
A- Only to musicals with student-actors. The other two are fundraising events.